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About Myself

          It's been a while since I start blogging than I remember that I am not really introduce my self to the reader. So, I decided to create a blog just to state my profile, my activity (if interesting or if I decide to) and so on about my self. Hope readers will satisfy of what I have already posted and I'm willing to in the incoming article.

          You can see in my profile picture (almost all) that I'm a biker. I live in a small village nearby Johor Bahru and I like to travel by my bike, my beauty gorgeous green monster (Kawasaki ER-6F). To me, riding a bike make me calm while enjoying the beautiful view and sometime love to feel the boost torque of this machine. And corners, I like it very much and perhaps one day I can experience Thousand corners at Thailand cliff roadway. 

          The objective of my project is to give information about things, places, news and so on as much as I can for the reader as a guide line or make things/live easier than before. And for an additional info for the readers, I like to search good/comfort places for dining/fun do. I will update inside my blogs if I find something interesting.

Name                       :       Ainudin Bin Mohamad
Address                    :      Johor Bahru, Johor.
Contact Number       :       011-20722639
Email                        : 
Date of Birth             :      18/12/1977
Gender                     :       Male
Nationality                :       Malaysian
Religion                    :       Muslim
Race                        :       Malay
Marital Status           :       Divorce
Highest Level           :       Diploma
Institution Name       :       Universiti Teknologi Mara,
                                        Shah Alam
Field of Study           :       Civil Engineering (Construction)
                                         in 2003

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