Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Work

       I'm working in banking institution for 2 years and in construction for about 13 years. At beginning, I work as account clerk at local bank nearby my village for exactly 2 years and than I continue my study at local University for 3 in a half years. With my Diploma in Civil Engineering (Construction), I work as Site Supervisor at the biggest project at my hometown for my first project for about 3 in a half years (contract basis). At that time I'm working in the Main Contractor (design and build) company to build and completion of Wharf Structure for the new Malaysia Port Harbor. 

       After I have finish my contract at the Port, I continue my carrier as Project Supervisor in one of the famous Waste Water Management contractor at the town. I work as permanent staff for about 3 in a half years and resign to search for another opportunity to work with building contractor. So, I got the job in building construction as Project Supervisor for about 3 in a half years.

       I think that I want to work in a bigger construction firm so I decide to work in the Developer company and working for about 4 years as Clerk of Works in two different Developer companies. In that working period, I get my first bike because my previous seem to old and trouble me a lot. After that, I try to joint Oil and Gas project with the biggest Oil and Gas company in my country but not lasting for long. And now I decide to quit my construction job to seek for a little comfort job and still searching.

       That all I have to say about my carrier from 2003 until 2016. Wish me best of luck for my future carrier. I hope one day I will be able to get ZX-10R in my garage and for that I got to have my own business and become a businessman. 

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