Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Visit To National Park, Pahang

A visit to National Park, Malaysia
During the semester holidays, my siblings and I were quite in the dumps because there was nothing to do and we were bored to death. Out of the blue, my parents decided to take us to the National Park in Pahang.

The Pahang National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is known far and wide for its beauty. As the saying goes, "Seeing is believing", I had yearned to go there for many years and it seemed like my dream was coming true.

In Pahang, we stayed in a motel. It was a traditional building with lots of exquisite carvings and designs. The next morning, we went to the National Park by jeep. The jalopy wheezed up and down the bumpy road, it was on the verge of breaking down. When we finally reached our destination, we heaved a sign of relief.

When I stepped into the park, I was thunderstruck. It was beautiful, more beautiful than I had ever imagined! Green trees towered over colourful flowers. Birds were chirping and squirrels played on the mossy ground. The majestic Gunung Tahan loomed in the background, a king reigning over his subjects. Palm trees swayed their leafy arms as the breeze blew, a sign of welcome. This was truly Mother Nature at her best. Amid all this splendour, I seemed just to be just a tiny being admiring a huge palace.

In the National Park, it was very cool and peaceful. After being in the bustling city with its noisy traffic, the silence was music to my ears. The hectic days in the city were replaced by soothing walks and recreational activities. I soon found out that there was more to it than meets the eye. As you walk along the jungle trail, you can be sure that hundreds of pairs of eyes are watching your every move. Occasionally, squirrels would playfully jump on your back or rabbits would brush against your legs. Flowers bloomed everywhere, dotting the green with red and yellow. However, beware, for the most poisonous mushrooms are those with brilliant colours.

In the National Park one can go for walks or go rafting in the crystal clear waters. I’m even visited an aboriginal village. The natives were simple and honest. Their fierce loyalty and respect for one another was a model to all of us. They were kind-hearted and the guide even taught us a few words in the native language.

Altogether, it was the best holiday I had ever had. The National Park in Pahang is truly an interesting place in Malaysia and I would not have missed the trip for anything in the world.

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