Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Teenage Life

      Happiness is very hard to define and it varies from person to person. While some people strive for economic success and a good social life and think that those are the main ingredient for happiness, on the contrary people who already have massed enough riches and enjoy a good social and personal life thinks other aspects of life for being happy. The issue whether teenage times are the happiest part of our lives or not is a debatable issue and people are divided in their opinion regarding this. According to other group, adult part of the life is happier part of our lives. In my opinion, both groups have their reasoning and happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved in both part of the life. 

        Teen ages are the ages of dream, freedom and recklessness. This is the period when most of the teenager do not have greater responsibilities like adult people and they enjoys lives full of joys, dream, vision. Less complexity of life touches the teenagers and the struggles they face often get redeemed with time. The harsh cruelty and complexity of life rarely touch the teenagers and they live a life which is often better than the adult people around them. Yet, this is not always true; many teenagers struggle a lot to support their family and suffer from psychological issues that might make their lives pretty complex. They mostly depend on their parents for money and are mostly guided by their parents for decisions. There are many untouched part of life that they can’t enjoy and on the other hand that makes them less stressful. They enjoy a sound physical condition and rarely suffer from illness related to old ages.

        On the contrary, adult life offers more economic freedom in one hand and on the contrary many unavoidable responsibilities. The grown-up people decide their journey of life themselves and this is a freedom very few teenagers enjoy. The happiness a father feels while playing with his sons and daughters is unimaginable for a teenager. On the contrary, the suffering a father or a mother endures on their hearts for the wellbeing of their children is also unconceivable for teenagers. The work pressure, the responsibility, the physical conditions, the complexities and harsh reality of life make the matured life often unbearable and those people consider their teenage part as the happiest part of their life. 

        Old times are good times and this is true for all of us. We revere the bygone times and preset is the reality which is not smooth always. In my opinion, life is as it is and being able to happy is not abided by any rules or times. Our head is a place where we can make the hell in to heaven and both earlier ages and grown up ages of our lives have their offering for being happy. We need to decide whether we want to be happy and contended with whatever we have or complain about the life.

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