Monday, 14 March 2016

Celcome First Gift Card

Good Offer From Celcom First
at Starbuck

Last month I've got a gift card from Celcom (telecommunication company). A gift card to shop at Starbucks café. Good for Celcom First customer for such offer. Previously I've got 3 Petronas gift card (each card worth RM30) from Celcom but can only take one because it has no time for me to take the other two cards away (until it become expired at end of the month) because there is no Celcom Blue Cube outlets nearby.


This month I had the opportunity to go to the Celcom Headquarters at Kempas to take 3 Gift Card from the Starbuck (each card worth RM20). So, today I want to hang out at Starbucks while blogging. For sure I will not go to Starbucks if I don’t have this free gift card from Celcom. It’s better if just make coffee at home and can top-up as much as I want. But anyway, thanks to Celcom first for giving me the opportunity to hang out at a practically exclusive place while blogging.

In my way to go to Starbucks nearby Puteri Harbour, I saw it was getting cloudy. I get wet a little in the rain and fortunately it’s only raining in the middle of the road but I kept going with a burning heart to hang out at Starbucks. Luckily not drenched by torrential rains, only a little bit wet and it’s not raining at Puteri Harbour (previously Hello Kitty building). I keep looking for Starbucks that is located in the middle of the ‘Hello Kitty’ block just beside the main yacht docked. I take a picture around just in case it will be used for my other blog.

When you get to the counter, not many people and I do not queue. There is a Chinese only in my presence. I looked at the menu posted on the wall, I’m not quit familiar with Starbucks because it’s been a while since the last time I went to Starbucks (different branch) so I have to think about what I want to drink. There are Latte, Mocha, Asian Dolce Latte, Cappuccino and more inclusive food.

 Luckily got one customer in front of me so I have time to think. When my turn came, I order Asian Dolce Latte (sweet sounds isn’t). I have key in the Starbucks cards I gain into Starbucks App so I don’t have to show my physical card (I download it last night). It's easy to use this powerful technology. Launch the app and after I have made the order straight away scan the bar code on my smartphone to the Starbucks card system device and then will be deduct the cash balance inside my card.

I just order the Asian Dolce Latte and cost me RM14.85 (great, thanks Celcom) and then find a place to sit outside while enjoy the heavy raining atmosphere. I have to hang out a longer at this place (almost 3 hours) until the rain stopped. Starbucks café is just beside Kenny Rogers Roasters and the table set outside is in the same balcony with Kenny Rogers and just separated with some flower vast with a different kind of table set. After this, I want to take a picture of areas around 'Hello Kitty' building for my other blog too.

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