Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Life Transformation

          Since completed my study of Diploma in Civil Engineering, I have been working in the construction sector more than 12 years since 2003. I have been many times to move work from one Construction Company to another and then move on to Developer Company. The last project in 2015 located in Pengerang as Site Supervisor to set up the Construction Administrative Office together with basic facilities and equipment. Experience has taught me to think the meaning of life to a halt in the construction sector and focus on the fields of Health Supplement.
          The interest in Health supplements have indeed been nurtured since childhood by my mother and my late father so how to live with it, not matter to me. Since childhood I was given supplements such as Vitamin C, Mineral Water, protein and many others. I was far away from my family since I have been transfer to a government boarding school in Muar about 100km from home, I am no longer practicing health supplements. It already more than 20 years I am not concerned about my health. My work conditions that are exposed to hazard such as pollution and make my health level go down from year to year. I feel too tired and once suffered skin cancer due to long exposure in the sun and also the environmental conditions of my work which is quite challenging.

After finish my job in the construction project at Pengerang, I will seek another job opportunities existing as usual and has got a project to upgrade the sewerage system in Kajang, Selangor. My new job requires me to migrate a distance of about 300 kilometers from home. I have to consider many time to continue my career as a Construction Site Supervisor. When I think about the pay is indeed quite satisfactory. Then I thought about my own personal ability and my health. I was tired and decided to find other type of work that is much easier. Work that does not require me bask in the hot and dusty, with extreme sounds hazard from the use of tools and construction machinery. So, I have rejected the offers to Kajang and start thinking to nourish my health.

I started by trying to continue my small businesses that I ever do before to have second income. I sell perfumes to my friends and put it on my mom laundry shop. Of course, not much I get paid, but its help to have something than nothing. This time with a new laptop that I have, I try to develop an online business by promoting the blogs I manage. Never thought this time I make a delivery my perfume to Pakistan. Only once the delivery is made outside of Malaysia as I’m not very satisfy to the business system that I operate. At the same time I also tried make trade in shares that are quite popular at that time and also lasting even up till now I still received an offer to start investing. Lack of investment knowledge makes me stop to continue in the trading business which I think is quite risky.
In search of new business opportunities, I continue to develop my blogs and began my career as a "Blogger". This is something new in my life makes me so excited because a lot of new things to learn. This time, it was not so bad compared to work in a construction, although the income is much less than before. I use savings and loans as capital to study the various systems offered in online business. I’m confidence to move forward in building my personal blog when I know about many Bloggers out there were revenue far more lucrative than working as employee. 6 months in building the blog, I discovered that my income has not increased, and I need a good system to boost my income. I also learned that I should have a good product to my blog and developed in online marketing.

In June 2016, a friend in my motorbike group has contacted me to join the “Network Marketing”. At first I was not very interesting with this business because I have joined many Direct Selling and I failed. After my friend made a description of the business with the help of his friend who has been doing this business for quit a long time, I agreed to start this business. It is because the products offered are in keeping with myself desperately in need of an opportunity like this. This business offers Leading Health Products and indeed I need this product because of my health has deteriorated caused me to stop construction job at the first time. The second reason is that this business offer a very good system and appropriate in the circumstances I was looking for an online business system that is good and more importantly is that it is not a scam. As you know, we will find various types of fraud that will make us loose our money. Especially for online businesses in the Internet Web.

To start this business, I invested considerable sums and actually the most I've ever done. I have invested almost RM5K and hope to expand this business as most bloggers out there do. Unfortunately I need some time to learn the system and I was forced to leave my "Blogger" carrier. I took almost 6 months to learn and attend lots of classes to develop my skill in this business. I also joint with a lot of people around me because in this business, we need to learn and practice of how to explain the product and the system to potential customers and convince him to join or become consumer. I know a business like this requires high level of confidence to communicate and in addition to have the ability to convince the public about our products. In more, the requirement are quite difficult to implement because I need to make a purchase at least 100LP (bonus calculate in Life Point) per month or I should sell 100LP to carry on my business. This is a great challenge because 100LP equivalent to approximately RM500. After I got enough information about a description of products and systems, I intend to continue my unfinished job which is quit long been overdue as a "Blogger".

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