Wednesday, 27 January 2016

First Ride

       It been a rule for bikers that when buying new bike, we must past preliminary duration of the bike before to pull for full throttle (only can run it 90km/h - 110km/h). Bikers must do this for the first 1000km and I bet it is a boring period to go true. The new bike is assume still a virgin. Sometime for Malaysia environment, bikers will complete the first 1000km in a long period (exceeding 3 to 4 months). One of the factor is the bike only be used for a long trip and only operate in the weekend.


       But it's different to me. Thank to Allah that I have to attend my sister weeding invitation at her husband family house that is quite far from our home (at another state). So I take this opportunity to complete my virgin bike period. For this first long trip, I got to ride for about 800km to the North. It was very exciting trip I ever done before. It become much more fun in the way back to South because I can ride faster but still don't gain a confident to take it to full throttle.

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