Monday, 25 January 2016

My First Bike

        I have use my Kawasaki ER-6F for almost 2 years. Now I already have some skill to ride big bike. I gain this skill while I ride, no skill class and no body to teach me accept my self with the guide of my friend. So, the more I joint riding bike activities, I can gain more riding skill. It is a huge different between riding in the highway than riding at down town area. It is more difficult when riding in urban area that I will have get more shock than  I am expected. More trill and unexpected event will get my heard jumping high.

        That is the photo of my new bike at the shop that I want to buy. The prize at that time (March 2014) was MYR42,000 (OTR). So expensive because of the quality. You see the red color motorcycle at the back? That kind of motorcycle is the majority of Malaysian use in our daily activity. That kind of motorcycle cost  only MYR5,000 to MYR7,000. See the huge different, but I don't bother because it is worth my money to gain something high quality product.  

        Actually I have a 2-strock 150cc motorcycle in my garage and seem getting old already with a lot of rusty part. I don't want to get stuck while riding to work so I decided to buy new one. After consider a few choice that I have for purchase a new transport, I decided to get big bike that can I use for long ride without having trouble. Of course I have to upgrade my license from B2 to B full (around MYR700) according to Malaysia Standard. My new bike only 650cc double parallel piston. It cost more money to get inline-4 piston (around MYR72 k for Kawasaki ZX-6R), so I take this one first and hope someday I will be able to upgrade my bike.

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