Thursday, 18 February 2016

My Cousin

My Idol and My Cousin

Just like any other kid, or adult growing up had a hero, or somebody that they admire very much. The person that I was effectuated by growing up was the one, and only Michael Jordan. Michael is recognized for his spectacular ball handling skills, and for his outrageous dunks. To me and others he was the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA. It was not just his obvious talent, but he was a person that many kids looked up to, and wished for some day to be just like him. I use to feel chills up my spine every time somebody mentioned him or every time that I would see him on television, witnessing some of the greatest games of his life. It was very hard for me to miss a game. I felt very proud living in the city of Chicago, home of the greatest basketball player to step foot in the NBA. 

I remember collecting many basketball cards, posters, cups, and even try to have his latest shoes, which most of the time it was impossible for me to purchase. I would have to spend many months of my allowance just to own a pair. There were many things that I tried to have, that had any kind of resemblance towards Michael Jordan. Many of the cards, and posters I still have till this day, hoping that some day they would be worth a decent amount of money, or I might just save them, and give them to my children so they can pass it on to their kids, and so on. Many people consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest player in the world, I consider him to be the best on earth. I don't necessarily believe that there would ever be any body just like him, famous like him, to step up on a basketball court, and be as good ,or be known world wide just like Michael Jordan was during his time.

Even though Michael Jordan was my idol growing up, the realistic person that I admired was my cousin Hugo. He was the one that thought me about different kinds of sports. He thought me about everything that you needed to know about the sports, at a very detail.

In order to describe someone's personality we use fundamental traits. A trait is a characteristic pattern of behaviour or a disposition to feel and act. In this essay I will be evaluating the personality of my cousin whom I've talked about in the previous assignment. I had my cousin take the Big Five Factor Test, and I will discuss his result throughout the essay. And I will give examples of how my cousin fits into each category if the Big Five Factors.

The first factor I will discuss will be Openness. In this category my cousin scored in the 1 percentile, this means my cousin is very practical, prefers routine, and is very conforming. He is not very imaginative, independent, and does not prefer variety. An example that shows my cousin does fit into this category is that he heavily relies on his mother to do everything for him. He is old enough to do his laundry, but he makes his mom do it for him every time, and he doesn't have a job, nor has he ever had a job and he is 18 already.

One time his mom went on a business trip, so he was home alone for the weekend. He called me and asked me if I know how to use their dryer because he had no idea. I had to go to his house and basically teach him how to do laundry for the first time. I also had to buy him dinner because he could not cook for himself. That day I realized that he was truly dependent of his mother, and was definitely not independent.

The second factor is Conscientiousness. In this category my cousin scored in the 86th percentile. He is pretty organized, careful, and disciplined. I think he is disciplined because his mom is very strict with him, and has a lot of rules for him. My cousin is without a doubt a very careful person, one time we went hiking with the whole family, and we came across a waterfall that was maybe fifteen feet above the water below. He suddenly take out his swim suit and jump into the water. We all have a great time on that day picnic beside the waterfall. I love my cousin very much. Thank to my cousin for being a good friend of me.

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