Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Pet

        I'm actually don't have much interest in pet. I work in a construction sector and mostly I work about 10hrs per day. Sometime I have to work until mid night. That why I don't feel to have any pet at my home. But I use to have a birds when I was about 8 years old. That time my brother give it to take care of the birds because he was going to further study at boarding school at town. But unfortunately the birds have been wounded by a cat and died.

        Second pet, around year 2000  I use to have a cat, female cat. She is just past trough our house everyday and my mother like to give food to the cat. From time to time the cat seem like to stay at our home and we take care of her because she seem not belong to the neighbor. We call our cat 'Lat' because of it color is  brown (cokLAT in Malay language)  in color and beautiful to look at. Herwhole body is covered with soft fur. She has a long tail and round head . Her eyes and ears are very cute. Her four legs have some sharp  claws by which  it can easily kill the rats. She also like to spying on birds at our back yard. I like to see when she done the spying things. Like Lat very much for its good nature. when l call her she comes to me mewing. We give it fish, meat, milk and rice. It is fond of milk but it does not steal it. So, every member of our house loves mini dearly. 

       Lat and I would always have great times together. I would take her everywhere I went. One time I took her to the shopping mall in Johor Bahru, I carried her in her cute cage to every store I went into. At lunch time, I open the cage to give her some sausage because she love sausage very much but she jumped out of the cage and started running around the store. It took one of the workers and I to try and catch her. We finally cornered her in one of the dressing rooms, and she jumped in my arms as if nothing happened. When I would stay at home with her, I remember how we would play with the yarn. I would drag it slowly in front of her and she would just jump at me like crazy to catch it. She is very catchy even the light from my torch.  Then, after she got tired, she would just run to me, sit on my lap and begin biting my hands as if she wanted me to pet her so she can go to sleep. The best thing that I used to like about her is that she will wake me up if I'm still asleep while the sun is almost noon.

      Eventually the cat got pregnant and have 4 kittens. Our house become so messy with bad smelly of kitten poops so we decided to trow her with her cute kittens away and we left them near the shop lot that we consider easier for them to find food.


       Starting 4 years ago (in 2012) my job sector is become so unproductive with decreasing of contract release and I have to jump from 1 company to other company for searching a new contract for at least 4 times already. Resume for minimum 3 month and I decided to take one pet. I go to the pet shop to buy a bird complete with the stage cage. There is variety of birds at the pet shop and I decided to buy 'Tekukur' (in Malay and I don't know the name in English). It look like Doves but a smaller than Doves and have a nice singing sound. So I will never get bored at home while waiting call for interview. 

         Actually I don't really know about bird and I don't know either it's a male or female. Some say the female is a little bit bigger in naked eyes because the female have much more firm feathers and always make their feathers enlarge. Every morning she will sing before the sun rise and make me easy to get up. Than she will sing at noon, partially in the evening (when she saw other birds of her kind around) and before sun set. I gave her 'Sekoi' (some kind of cereal) for her meal and just plain water. I will clean the platform cage twice a week and once a week I will take her out into the sun light for her health care.

        Unbelievable for the second time my pet bird died by the claws of the cat. I just don't know where the cat come from. Never seen a cat before walk around in my house ares for a long time. I blame my self because not taking any precaution for that cat has been around for two days spying on my bird. After a few days, I got an interview calling for a job and this new job need me to travel about 150 km from home and I just went back once a week. I never had a chance to take a pet while working. Maybe in my next resume, I will take one more pet and I plan to buy bird. Perhaps it will live longer than before.

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