Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fun Ride

       I have join a bikers group at the town "JB Universal Bikers". This group seem different than what I have in my mind. We will have group gathering once a week every Wednesday night. We gathered at the coffee house to discuss about our next group activity. 

       In the first gathering with them, I'm very surprise because in the discussion the leader have bring out about charity ride.  I think I gonna like this group, not like the other bikers group that I always heard about enjoy, party, road racing etc. All bikers like to travel for sure. I'm glade to hear about the next fun ride and a little thank giving ceremony. 

        First fun ride with my bikers group after  about 6 month I bought my new bike. I'm very excited to go because they mansion about the trail/road that we gonna ride will be challenging roadway that have a lot of corner and bumping. So, I can test my bike performance at that particular road to see how is my bike suspension systems are going to be. This road is well known among the riders. Today's journey is about 370km (230 miles) around the state crossing a lot of village and small town. We take our breakfast at one of the famous Lamp Curry restaurant nearby the highway before entering the rural. 

        Unfortunately,  one of our gang commit an accident at one of the sharp corner. I saw it in front of my naked eyes how his bike run into the opposite lane because of the rider have gain to much speed when entering the corner and hit the road barrier. I sow him jump out from his bike to dodge from hitting the barrier and he is lucky that only have a little scratch only. Thanks to the outfit that he was wearing that time. After riding that 140 km challenging roadway, we took our lunch at the nearby town. My body was sweating and feel tired and we spend about 1 hours to rest at the restaurant talking about the ride that we already done.

         It was the most amazing trip that I have done in my life. My friend said that road have about almost 150 corners and no wander my hand and body feel so tired after riding that day.  I have done 4 times already and still can't  remember and memories the corner there. I will post in the next article for the other ride we have made and about the charity ride to the children school.

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