Monday, 1 February 2016

When I'm Bored

          Sometime in our life there got a time where we just don't really know what to do. Feeling bored is the one thing that make me uncomfortable to what I'm doing in that particular day. So I decide to do something interesting when boring and I usually go for a ride with my bike. This isn't an ordinary ride that I usually do. Boring make me ride further than just go around my home town. 

         This time I want to go fast in the safety way. So the highway is one place that I can pull my throttle to the highest RPM as I can with the bike for a long distance. I decided to have a dinner at another state beside mine. Malacca is my only choice to go when I got bored. 

    The distance from my home is about 220km (137 miles) and it's enough for to feel the speed. I usually gone out at 8pm and will arrived at Bandar Hilir, Malacca around 9pm to 9:30pm depends on the traffic. 

        I like to go there at night because Malacca have a nice beautiful place to visit with a wonderful glowing light with variety color and shape. When I got there, I will go to Taman Kota Laksaman to have my diner. I like the cook there. It serve 'Gulai Asam Pedas' that is famous among the customers not even in Malacca but from another state. When I was done eating, I will go for a round the town at Bandar Hilir. There you can find a lot of foreigner that come for a holiday at this famoust Historical State ever because Malacca use to be a Head Quarters of the invaders in 17th centuries. 


        I like to sit at the river site to watch people walking around while enjoying my cigarette. I wonder maybe they all get bored as I do. Than when the clock turn 1am, I start my bike to go back home to Johor Bahru and this time I just ride it in low RPM only. Just to make a safe riding back home, I guess. I arrived at home around 3am and feel very tired. After have take a little shower, I went to bed to take a deep good sleep. I wander what is going to be for my next ride.

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